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Posted by Body Peace Corps on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Part of Body Peace Corps role on campus is to facilitate conversations with student groups about body image and self esteem.  A variety of topics are covered such as personal body image pet peeves, the role of the media, and how to challenge fat talk. Participation is voluntary and some people are really just there to listen, and others, to fully express themselves.

Prior to conducting a facilitation, the Body Peace Corps is often asked whether people will actually participate in this kind of exercise and the answer is absolutely, yes. In fact, in the past week I was approached by at least three young women who expressed to me how important they feel this topic is within our campus community. Several of them discussed with me how difficult it is to live with other women, and how the energy can often be toxic when making food choices or getting ready. Another young woman told me her personal journey to loving her body and how she wants others her friends to learn to love themselves as well.

So my question is, why are we shying away from the topic of body image and self esteem? Why do we avoid conversations about it? I’m sure that many people can agree, talking about our problems and daily struggles can be extremely therapeutic. Often, by the end of a facilitation session, participants realize that there is a lot they can be doing to create an environment that is inclusive for all people.

So here is my shameless plug – invite Body Peace Corps to come facilitate a meeting with your group.  We’d love to get to know you, what your organization is about, and facilitate a conversation that is all too often ignored. Whether you live in the residence halls, are a part of Greek Life, participate on a team, or work with an academic group, we believe everyone can benefit from this message.

Written by: Lauren M. Johnson


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